Sunday, February 20, 2011

Something Green Is Brewing On Magnolia: Avoca Coffee

Magnolia Avenue in Fort Worth is the street one wanders to see the products of clashing cultures in the city.  Some know this area as the "granola district" because of its modern hipster vibe, and others see it as the stretch of concrete that houses some of the finest dining in Fort Worth. Booming with up-and-coming restaurants and entertainment venues, the only thing Magnolia has yet to offer is a good independent coffee house – until now. 

Answering the call is Avoca Coffee, a local roast and coffee house that boasts a full menu of espresso beverages and teas, which will move into the neighborhood this spring.

Unlike many of its corporate brethren, Avoca Coffee intends to emphasize the impact of each person’s actions on the planet, including their morning cup of coffee. They plan on doing things a little differently. Instead of the throw-away bags you can pick up from the supermarket or a chain coffee shop, they are selling their house-roasted coffee in recyclable glass jars.

Many people don’t realize the impact their everyday activities can have on the environment, and owners Garold Larue and Jimmy Story believe by encouraging the re-use of their bean jars, customers will in turn think of other changes to their lifestyles they can easily make. Being a green business is also crucial if Avoca Coffee wishes to cater to a growing and influential market of consumers who desire to purchase products from exclusively environmentally-conscious businesses. Along with their bean jars, Avoca will strive to be sustainable through support of local bakeries, the showcasing of Fort Worth artists, and direct relations with their bean farmers.

"We want to bring the public to coffee," says Story. "We can do so by allowing them to see where the coffee comes from. Perhaps not the grove, but definitely the bean in its purest form."

Furthermore, customers will be able to view the entire Avoca Coffee roasting process right on location, making for an even richer experience. Not only will you be able to pick up your double tall latte, but you will also be able to see the beans roasted by artisan coffee roasters.

Residents of the greater Fort Worth area are abuzz with excitement, and it’s not from caffeine. Many are excited to finally see a local coffee shop open up in Fort Worth. Avoca Coffee will be the only one of its kind. This past week, the sign could be seen going up on the front of the shop, directly across the street from Spiral Diner. With its prime location and unique position on sustainability, Avoca Coffee promises to be a central gathering place for Fort Worth locals who want to say "no" to the corporate coffee chain. And whether you are an artist or foodie, the common word on everybody’s lips will be, "Avoca." 

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  1. You need to take me here too! I love coffee houses.